Tribe Lacrosse is a recreational and club lacrosse program for boys and girls in the eastern Los Angeles, San Gabriel and San Fernando Valley. We are growing the game of lacrosse through H3 - honor hustle and humility.



Box games will be played at El Segundo Rec Park (401 Sheldon St El Segundo-off Grand Ave)

Tribe Boys Box Lacrosse

Fall 2014

Cost $375

"Box Lacrosse" (simply "Box") is a Canadian style of indoor lacrosse that combines elements of field lacrosse, hockey and basketball.  Box is played in a full roller hockey rink with a 20-second shot clock.  It is a quick paced game constantly in transition.  The goals are half the size of a field lacrosse goal and the goalie wears bulkier pads similar to a hockey goalie.  Stick skills are one of the crucial elements of lacrosse, but in Box stick skills are even more crucial due to the tighter quarters and fast pace.  Box is more similar to basketball with its emphasis on footwork, fast pace and the creation of uneven players situations. 
Box helps develop important skills such as footwork, offense, transition game, breakaways and defense, all of which translate to the field lacrosse game.  Offensively players are taught fundamental skills such as: the "quadrulple threat" position, two-man pick & roll, cycling through the backside.  Players shooting skills will improve dramatically in a short period of time.  Defensively players will improve footwork as they are taught to only "play the hip" and to turn & run with the opponent. 
Box teams are made up of experienced lacrosse players only due to the skills required and for the safety of the player.  We are planning for 2 teams of 16 in each age division.  In the event we have more than 32 players committed to play in each age division (4/5th, 6/7th8th & HS) teams will be selected based on experience and coach recommendations.
Box Lacrosse is a 9 week program from September 7 to October 26th, 2014. (No games on Labor day weekend).
Games/practices (same day) will be in El Segundo on Sundays between 11am and 7pm.  There may be a few mid week games that would start after 5pm, on a limited basis.
Players must arrive at the rink 90 minutes prior to their games for a box development practice. Each week, coaches will focus on a new element to the box game to add to each player's skill set.
Equipment Rental is available for $50 plus $100 Refundable Deposit.  Deposits are refunded upon return of all equipment following the season
Valid US Lacrosse membership is required.  If your US Lacrosse membership is not current the registration process will take you to to renew.  Please be sure to return to the registration module to finish the sign up process and make your payment.
Mouth pieces and protective gear (cups, pads, goggles/helmets) are required to be worn on the field at all times.